Super Nintendo

Advanced graphics and sound capabilities progressed the SNES's competitive edge.


Snes9x has a high game compatibility, simple interface and decent controller support. Like Nestopia however some tweaking is required for netplay to work right. In our opinion Snes9x is the best all around SNES emulator currently available.


higan is basically a new name for the bsnes emulator. higan is currently the most accurate emulation of a Super Nintendo. So if you are looking for accuracy this is the pick. higan actually supports other systems as well, such as: NES, Game Boy, SEGA Master System, Game Boy Advance, SEGA Mega Drive and more. The interface isn't as friendly as Snes9x and the ROM handleing is a little different but a good emulator no doubt.


ZSNES gets a 7 and a spot on this list for being one of the first Super Nintendo emulators that could play a wide range of games at good speeds. However the interface is very wonky and has not been updated since 2007. One problem that started to come about with ZNES is a security flaw in which a hacked rom could use ZSNES to inject your PC with malware. We would recommend one of the other emulators.